Rep. Jason Smith
202-225-4404 or 573-756-9755

Sen. Roy Blunt
202-224-5721 or 573-334-7044


When calling their office, the assistants do not track every phone call. To get the assistance to pass the message along, you should state your name clearly and verify that you’re a voter in their state/district. You also need to get the assistance name to hold them accountable. The below transcript can be used to make sure that the assistants pass your message along.

Hello, my name is   [Your Name], and I live at   [Your Street Address]. Can I please have your full name? I’d like to make sure that   [Rep Smith / Sen Blunt]   gets my message.
[Allow the assistant to say their full name]
 Thank you. I am calling today because I’m concerned about   [Rep Smith’s / Sen Blunt’s]   stance on Net Neutrality. Can you please tell him to stand up for the citizens and  small business owners that voted to elect him by preventing the FCC from deregulating net neutrality?